How does living in a house made of wood benefit your health?

There are many advantages of living in a wooden house, it even directly and positively impacts the health of the people who live in it, as wood absorbs and expels moisture, thus avoiding respiratory problems, rheumatism ailments and allergies. Wood has a kind of pores through which it carries out a natural exchange with the environment that surrounds it, as if it were breathing, this allows it to absorb and eliminate harmful gases that enter homes, achieving a continuous purification of the house, a fact that nothing else gets the wood. That is why when we buy a wooden house we can forget about the humidity, the saltpeter and the annual waterproofing expenses.
In addition, wood works as a thermal and acoustic insulator due to its effectiveness in absorbing waves, which makes homes warm and quiet. Recent research has shown that the natural bioelectric field of wood provides a state of balance in the body. Living in a wooden house, you will be assured of comfort and reduction of stress.

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