Very versatile material: wood, allows to create a great variety of constructive designs. We can advise you on the ideas that fit your ideal home model.


A classic-style wooden house is a modest construction, generally one-story, ideal for the more conservative. Its design is similar to a country house; it is cozy, comfortable, aesthetic and very durable.


For the most demanding, for those who are more inclined towards current construction designs, then the modern wooden house style is perfect. They are more luxurious houses than the classic style, with more than one floor, and also made of wood. In its construction you can use another material, such as glass, to offer a more elegant touch.


The wooden cabins do not go out of style, they are traditional, resistant, and allow to enhance the naturalness of the wood as well as its aesthetics. In this type of construction, the logs can be seen, and if it is a question of robust constructions, of great durability, this is the best alternative.

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