Previous Next Designs Very versatile material: wood, allows to create a great variety of constructive designs. We can advise you on the ideas that fit your ideal home model. Classic A classic-style wooden house is a modest construction, generally one-story, ideal for the more conservative. Its design is similar to a country house; it is …

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Industrial wood

Industrial Woods Industrial evolution around the world of wood has achieved, starting from this raw material, products that equal or exceed it in some areas. The greater use, derived from the use of what until now was considered waste or even the reuse or recycling of wood, allows to obtain significantly lower prices, the development …

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Natural wood

Natural Woods What is most often done when talking about types of wood is to divide them into three groups: soft, hard and tropical. Each of these groups contains species of wood with many similar characteristics, although on the other hand it is common to find woods in some of these groups that share characteristics …

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