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Old Town Innovations

Innovation Company Based In California

Old Town Innovations Inc. is a family owned company located in Truckee, CA working in the Lake Tahoe Truckee area since 2017. We specialize in making custom home builds and remodels.

Old Town Innovations is dedicated to bringing quality service to clients with our crew focusing on every detail. Old Town Innovations Inc focus is building your vison and crating reality.

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Building Planning

Applying the Building Information Modeling (BIM) work methodology, centralize all project information in a digital information model. The use of BIM goes beyond the design phases, encompassing the execution of the project and extending throughout the life cycle of the building, allowing its management and reducing operating costs.

Renovating Spaces

Our team will make your spaces a unique place: changes of areas, extensions, design of textured walls, advice on choosing furniture, etc. We offer the tools to direct, design and implement your project from the beginning to the final delivery of the work.

Interiors Spaces

Our technicians have a holistic vision of all the factors involved in the generation of a healthy space: from the choice of natural, local and non-toxic materials to the integration of the building in the environment, achieving the most appropriate balance for each type of project and the particular needs of each user, creating an awareness that, in addition to promoting the construction of buildings with biocompatible criteria, facilitates their use and maintenance over time.

Real Estates

Given the need to offer a more complete package to our clients, we expanded the catalog of products and services including assistance on the best remodeling, leasing and buying and selling real estate operations, standing out for being close to our clients, knowing their tastes, desires and needs with the sole purpose of being your allies and partners in making decisions that will mark your life.

Small Offices

Wooden offices, in addition to being interesting and attractive, are stimulating for the clients themselves, who will surely feel much more comfortable in a more natural and homely space. Always ensuring that it is very cozy, warm and livable.

Free Consultation

We will carry out the first evaluation of your project at no cost, thus demonstrating our willingness to allow you to compare the services we offer with other companies in our branch. We have the best services / prices of the competition

What Our

Clients Say.

"My house has been incredible, the design is modern and minimalist, just as I asked for it, in addition, its value has risen almost 30% with the remodeling!"
John J.
"The purchase of the house that they have made for me has been a very good investment! They are very professional, attentive and efficient!"
Smith T.
"I have expanded my house with the help of these construction geniuses, now my family and I are completely happy! Now all my friends want to request their services!"
Michelle P.
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